The beautiful girls are wearing warm snow boots

Today, the country has cooled down in a wide range, and the cold winter is coming soon. The beautiful girls are wearing warm snow boots, and the best warm artifact UGG has become a sneak peek of the girls.

But what Xiaobian wants to talk about is not how UGG keeps warm, but where is the UGG you wear. In China, I think everyone thinks UGG is a snow boots brand from the United States, and UGG is from Australia’s ugly sheepskin boots. In Australia, snow boots are called ugly sheepskin boots, then why is it that in other countries, UGG has become A brand, and belongs to the United States, but the inventor of Australia has no sense of existence? Here is the theme of Xiaobian: Australia does not have Australian snow boots, the original snow boots UGG was squatted by a US company, let’s take a look at UGG’s past and present? Australian pilots wrapped their shoes in two pieces of sheepskin and put them on their feet to keep out the cold. Later, they gradually became popular in Australia. They called the shoes “ugly sheepskin boots” (ugly boots), which is what we call UGG.

In the last century, in the 1970s, the sheepskin boots produced in Australia were mostly made in small workshops. This fur-in-one boots is both warm and water-resistant, simple and slightly clumsy, and is called “UGG” by the locals. In the 1990s, some Australian companies began to look to the global market, but limited to the lack of understanding of trademark overseas registration and layout by Australian companies at the time, and did not register it as a trademark. In 1996, Deckers Corporation registered the trademark “UGG Australia” in the United States and quickly deployed it around the world. In 1999, the “UGG Australia” trademark entered Australia. Dexter immediately sent a letter to Australia’s major UGG producers, demanding that production and sales of related products be stopped, stocks destroyed, and huge compensation paid. According to Dex, Australian producers are trying to sell Australian UGG shoes as genuine “UGG Australia”, which confuses consumers.

UGG is currently the most famous Ugg brand in the world

This kind of boots started in the First World War. When the Australian Air Force discovered the wonderful function of snow boots, it was made of wool, and the outer part was made of soft and soft sheepskin. Therefore, the snow boots were specially made by the Royal Australian Air Force. Military boots.

UGG is currently the most famous Ugg brand in the world. In 1978, an Australian surfer established the UGG brand on the coast of Southern California. To highlight the brand tradition, the brand used the name “UGG Australia” for a long time, and the brand has officially changed its name to UGG. As an international brand, UGG has registered trademarks in more than 125 countries around the world. However, because people in Australia are accustomed to use the term “Ugg” to refer to all leather boots made of sheepskin, UGG has therefore failed to have a registered trademark in Australia. Most of UGG’s products are made from sheepskin. The high quality sheepskin used in the products is selected from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The vast majority of the raw materials for sheepskin are from Australia. UGG has a rigorous sheepskin scoring system that guarantees that all products use only the highest grade of fur, Twinface sheepskin. The twinface sheepskin has a frontal sheepskin and an upper lining. In addition to sheepskin, the UGG PURE luxury natural wool used by the brand also makes UGG products stand out from a large number of market competitors. UGG has always attached great importance to the perfect balance of footwear functionality and fashion sense, and has therefore become an evergreen in the fashion world. From cutting-edge fashion magazines to new trend bloggers, from international supermodels to Chinese first-line stars, UGG has become the global An item that is indispensable in the wardrobe of fashion people. Since 2003, UGG has cooperated with fashion brands such as Jimmy Choo and Swarovski to quickly capture the entire fashion circle.

In my closet, except Jimmy Choo,

Other footwear only has UGG. UGG uses technology to inject new life into the wool experience. Waterproof leather, Twinsole multi-function insole, EnerG comfort technology system, VIBRAM super gripping outsole and other technical support will balance the practical functionality and fashion sense. Let you easily cope with all kinds of changing environments, and always enjoy the all-round care experience from UGG.

From 1978 to the present, UGG has moved from the southern California seaside to the world. Today’s UGG is younger and more fashionable. The constant is the comfortable and comfortable from California. The change is more forward, free, optimistic, warm and true!